Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My fourth dozen cards!

OK, so I seem to be addicted to Kristina Werner's videos lol. I like that she makes cards pretty simply, using stamps and inking techniques rather than a lot of super expensive toys (dies, etc).  I'm sure she does use all the toys- she surely gets them as part of her employment- but my favorite cards are the ones that are simple.

 This video is from lat year, and I loved the long format and the non-Christmassy color.  It also looked like it would be easy and inexpensive to recreate.  It only takes Distress Ink, two colors of dye ink, one pigment ink, and ONE small stamp set.  Woot woot!

Here's my take on it:

I changed to A2 size so that I could get two cards from each sheet of cardstock rather than just one, but I think the layout still works, even though the "season's greetings" looks a little crowded there.

I don't know if you can see it in the pic, but my white pigment ink (Colorbox) dried almost clear.  I didn't heat set it, just let it dry naturally for TWO days- boy it took a long time!- because I didn't want to deal with warpy cardstock.  Si it kind of lost that nice snowy look.  I am wondering if I had heat set it, would the color have stayed white?  I kind of think it would have been just as light and warpy too, which would have upset me.  So, into my shopping basket goes the Hero Arts Memories Unicorn ink.

Still not a bad card.  Kind of nice, in fact.  Kind of.  That ink still kind of irks me, too.

I do hate that Michaels carries such a small selection of supplies. They are they only craft store I have in town.  I have to order all my cardstock online because they carry the wimpiest, lightest weight cardstock.  I have to order most inks online because they carry only a few colors of a very few manufacturers.  Stamp selection is so rarely rotated, I think I actually have every stamp they offer.  Same with dies, embossing folders, etc.  It doesn't take long, either.  So if you are reading this and you just happen to be looking for a place to open a great local stamp store, consider coming here!  lol  You can be sure I'd keep you in business!

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